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2015 - 2017


A work shop for an automobile enthusiast and a house fit for a prized car. A quiet suburban street is activated with an intentionally transparent box, where the occupant offers casual surveillance of the street, in return granting licence to passers bay to observe the exhibit and activity inside.


The recessed workshop space serves to delineate the new from the existing, house from home, public from private.


Vertical Western Red cedar screw fixed vertical shading blades protect the sweaty greasy enthusiast from the blistering western sun.


Project Team:                         Prudence Bowe Architect

                                                Owen Kelly

Surveyor:                                Carman Surveyors

Structural Engineer:              Cantilever Engineers

Hydraulic Engineer:              MPC Consulting Engineer

Energy Assessor:                   Prudence Bowe 

Builder:                                  Owner Builder

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