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Architect NSW ARB 9691

On completion of the Bachelor of Science (Architecture) at the University of Newcastle in 2004, Prudence spent a year travelling Europe and working as part of a team responsible for the design and documentation of local and international construction projects for Red Bull in Salzburg, Austria. After spending 3 months exploring South East Asia, Prudence returned to Austria to undertake a year of an Architectural Diploma at the University of Innsbruck, before returning to Newcastle to complete the Master of Architecture program in 2009.

Having worked for a number of small and medium Architectural practices in Newcastle, Prudence has experience in a range of project types, including residential, commercial and government funded projects.

Prudence is interested in all areas of environmentally sustainable design including passive heating and cooling, thermal mass, insulation, renewable energy, water harvesting, and creating healthy indoor environments using natural and recycled materials. 

Excited by an increasing environmentally conscious clientele, Prudence became a qualified Thermal Performance Assessor in October 2010 under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).


Prudence also lectures and tutors across various courses at the University of Newcastle in Architecture and Construction disciplines, including Design, Construction Ecology, Technology and Communication in the Built Environment.

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